The Future
of Transport

Brand development



Create a dynamic brand for a global governing body, to unite and inspire all involved in the future of tranport.

The Paladin brand needed to work across an ever evolving industry. Today in the quest for carbon neutrality, tomorrow in the evolution of electric vehicles, and beyond, as we strive for an energy positive future. Establishing this new governing body as a trustworthy and leading voice in the sector was essential, and we crafted a brand look and feel and messaging with all the impact and longevity to succeed.


The visual language we created was built around the themes of journeys and connections. These come through in photography and design – the abstract, stylised forms suggesting an evolved vision of transport.

Defining the proposition

We defined ‘Changing the way we move, for good’ as Paladin’s core proposition. The way Paladin talks would need to inspire and inform, appealing to both business’ and consumers. This hit the spot.

Joining the dots

Paladin’s role is to create the pathway to transition. To join dots.
To accomplish milestones. The graphic language we created produced a distinctive and flexible visual style, bold and sophisticated, enabling the creation of brand materials that inspire and inform, online and offline.

purpose, progress

We complimented pathway orientated hero imagery, with Human imagery to create a relatable and down-to-earth face for the brand. The interactions between people and tech normalise our vision of the future and depict the groundswell of consumer demand for tech solutions.