Rarefied Agency

Rise Above

Brand development



Rarefied needed a brand identity that portrayed their innovative, elevation approach to marketing.

I worked closely with the agencies founder to create an iconic brand which made them stand out in a competitive market. An impactful, bold visual language gave the feeling of ‘rarefaction’ and the natural separation elements. We created a logo that used negative space to reflect that feeling of difference, which fed into the use of particles across all brand materials. Bold colours and high contrast across all elements of the brand gave Rarefied the punch they were after.


The brand needed to feel innovative and leading, so the use of pink coloured particles, amongst the black, allowed us to instantly get across that feeling of pace and separation from the rest.


Bold, clean typography and pops of colour made Rarefied stand out, and allowed the highlighting of key elements.


It was important to Rarefied that it’s brand elevated it’s clients. This clean look and feel ensured that it worked to support rather than dominate.