Know Your
Carbon Footprint




BP had a vision: to inspire the public and attendees of the One Young World event to reduce their carbon emissions.

The ‘Know your carbon footprint’ campaign successfully created an experience that not only enabled people to discover their annual carbon emissions, but gave them a fun way to think about reducing it – and to share their pledge with the world. It was a pleasure to be creative director on a project aimed to create real change.

Calculating carbon

Our carbon calculator tool gave people a super simple way to find out their annual carbon emissions across four key areas along with the area of greatest impact.

Making a pledge

With carbon footprint info to hand, attendees were invited to pledge to reduce their carbon. Our mural, created with eco-friendly paint, gave them an eye-catching way to capture their promise.

At the event

A customised event app made calculating carbon emissions and sharing the pledge simple at One Young World.

Event success

Out of home/digital avertising focused on a timeline of tangible changes which the Mayor of London would look to achieve through policies over the next 10 years. These would animate to illustrate a gradual cleaning.

At home

We didn’t want to limit carbon reduction pledges to event attendees. For everyone else, we created an illustrated image that could be populated with a pledge to spread the word.

After the event

Email communications created a seamless, friendly experience by supplying participants with their pledge photo and carbon footprint results.

More conversation

The on-stand experience generated many positive interactions, conversations and moments focused on reducing carbon emissions and BP’s work.